Copper nickel plating Four way ferrule connector

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Pneumatic sleeve four-way joint is a commonly used pipe joint for gas and liquid transmission, characterized by its four branch pipes being able to connect multiple pipelines simultaneously. Its structure is generally composed of a clamp sleeve and an internal clamping device, with a compact overall appearance and small volume. The pneumatic sleeve four-way joint is widely used in the fields of conveying gas, gas, water flow, etc. Pneumatic sleeve four-way joints are widely used in industries such as chemical engineering, construction, and mechanical manufacturing. Their main uses include conveying gases, liquids, oils, and other media, especially suitable for liquid regulation and gas distribution fields. At the same time, the assembly of the pneumatic sleeve four-way joint is convenient and fast, and can be used to replace the interface part of the aging, damaged or filled pipeline, so that it can work normally again. Overall, the pneumatic sleeve four-way joint has the characteristics of convenient connection, good sealing performance, and high strength. It is a very practical gas and liquid transmission pipe joint and is widely used in various industries.


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