Copper nickel plated copper tube t-thread tee Ferrule connector

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Pneumatic ferrule tee joint is a commonly used pipeline connector that can connect three pipelines together. The pneumatic ferrule positive tee joint is usually composed of a ferrule and an internal clamping device, which has a compact appearance, simple structure, and small volume, and is widely used in the transportation field of gases, liquids, and other media. High strength: The pneumatic ferrule positive tee joint has a compact internal structure and is made of durable stainless steel or brass material, which has high strength and durability. Pneumatic ferrule tee joints are widely used in industries such as chemical, construction, and mechanical manufacturing, and are commonly used for branch transportation of liquids and gases. Its assembly method is simple, convenient, and fast, with the advantages of saving time and effort. It can be used to replace damaged connecting parts and increase pipeline branches, improving the reliability and service life of pipelines. Overall, the pneumatic ferrule tee joint has the characteristics of convenient connection, good sealing performance, and high strength. It is a very practical pipeline connector and is widely used in the field of gas and liquid transmission.


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