Copper clip ring oiling head

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Introducing our premium copper ferrule, the ideal solution for a wide variety of electrical and mechanical applications. This versatile product offers exceptional durability and superior conductivity, designed to enhance the performance of electrical connections.


Copper ferrules feature a high-grade copper construction to ensure optimum conductivity and minimize electrical resistance. This makes them ideal for applications requiring reliable electrical contact, such as electrical connectors, terminals and circuit boards. Copper material also has excellent corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity, ensuring long life and efficient operation of equipment.

A distinctive feature of the copper ferrule is its connection clamp design. This innovative feature allows for an easy and secure connection, providing a stable and long-lasting electrical connection. The connection clamp ring ensures a tight and reliable connection between the wires, preventing any signal loss or voltage drop. This makes it the perfect choice for demanding applications where consistent and uninterrupted conductivity is critical.

In addition, the copper ferrule is precisely designed for easy installation. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to handle and install, saving time and effort during assembly. The smooth surface of the ferrule guarantees compatibility with various wire gauges, allowing it to be used in a wide variety of projects.

In addition to excellent performance, the copper ferrule complies with international quality standards. It has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its reliability, safety and efficiency. Every copper ferrule we produce reflects our commitment to providing a first-class product.

Whether you're an electrical contractor, appliance maker, or DIY enthusiast, our copper ferrules are the perfect choice for all your electrical connection needs. With our years of expertise and dedication to excellence, we guarantee our copper ferrules will exceed your expectations.

Choose copper ferrules for superior conductivity, reliability and durability. Upgrade your electrical connections with our premium products and experience the difference in performance. Trust our copper ferrules to provide seamless electrical connections for years to come.


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