MGPL model cylinder with guide rod and Three bars and three axes

Short Description:

  • Small size, lightweight
  • Strong lateral load resistance
  • Strong torque resistance
  • Convenient installation
  • The bearing of the guide rod can be selected, sliding bearing or ball bearing

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MGPL cylinder is a high-precision and durable pneumatic component mainly used in various automation equipment. The cylinder is mainly made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, and the external surface is subjected to high-precision rolling molding treatment, which has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It can provide a longer service life in various high-risk application scenarios.

The models and sizes of MGPL cylinders are very diverse, which can meet various application requirements within different systems. It has multiple types of cylinders, including bidirectional action, with reducers, and multiple options for end caps, and can be designed into two types: linear cylinders and angle cylinders. These cylinders have the characteristics of high speed, high precision, high load-bearing capacity, and high repeatability, which can provide reliable support in highly mechanized production processes.

The special design of the MGPL cylinder allows it to have less friction, greater output force, and higher rigidity during use. These advantages can not only improve the accuracy and stability of the cylinder, but also improve production efficiency and product quality, saving time and costs.

The MGPL cylinder also has the characteristic of easy maintenance. Users only need to perform simple maintenance and upkeep to extend their service life and improve their performance. At the same time, we also provide a series of cylinder accessories and accessories to meet the different application needs of users.

In summary, MGPL cylinder is a high-performance, high-precision, and easy to maintain pneumatic component. If you need more information or customized solutions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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