TCM Model Three Rods and Three Axes cylinder

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  • Bearing type: M copper sleeve bearing
  • Magnet code: S-attached magnet

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The TCM cylinder is a high-performance pneumatic component crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy materials. This cylinder has a wide variety of types, including single acting, double acting, short stroke, long stroke, and other types, which can meet the needs of various automation equipment. The high-precision grinding process is used inside the cylinder to ensure its accuracy and performance, enabling it to work stably for a long time in complex industrial environments.

The TCM cylinder adopts an advanced sealing structure design, which not only effectively reduces the consumption of lubricating oil, but also reduces maintenance costs, resulting in a longer service life. The cylinder also uses high-quality low friction seals, making it work more smoothly and with less noise.

TCM cylinders are widely used in industries such as machinery, chemical, aviation, electronics, and pharmaceuticals, and their reliability and high stability have been widely recognized. In terms of operation, the cylinder can quickly respond to various commands, and the upper and lower limits of the travel distance can be adjusted, facilitating slip protection and enhancing the safety of the cylinder.

In summary, TCM cylinders have the advantages of long service life, strong stability, and fast response, making them an indispensable pneumatic component in automation equipment. If you need more information or technical support about TCM cylinders, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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