Stainless Steel Ferrule terminal straight connector PC

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  • 4-M5
  • 4-M6
  • 4-01
  • 4-02
  • 6-M5
  • 6-M6
  • 6-01
  • 6-02
  • 6-03
  • 6-04
  • 8-01
  • 8-02
  • 8-03
  • 8-04
  • 10-01
  • 10-02
  • 10-03
  • 10-04
  • 12-01
  • 12-02
  • 12-03
  • 12-04
  • 14-02
  • 14-03
  • 14-04
  • 16-02
  • 16-03
  • 16-04

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Ferrule PC connector is a very common way to connect ferrule PC materials, which has the advantages of easy installation and effective fixation of the connection, making the entire structure more stable and having a longer service life. The card sleeve PC connector is usually divided into two types: direct buckle and slot buckle. The direct buckle is relatively simple, just gently push the card sleeve PC into the connection interface, and then use external force to insert it as much as possible to achieve solid fixation. The slot type buckle requires aligning the card slots at both ends before inserting and connecting, which is usually more stable and reliable, but also requires more operating steps. To use a sleeve PC connector, it is necessary to first clarify the connection position and method, then select a matching buckle product and install it correctly according to the operating instructions. Ferrule PC connectors are commonly used in industrial production, indoor decoration, and shielding products, such as chassis, partitions, and ceilings. The use of card sleeve PC connectors requires attention to some safety precautions. Firstly, suitable products should be selected according to actual needs to ensure the stability and quality of the connection; Secondly, before use, it is necessary to check the condition of the card sleeve PC material and clean it to avoid dirt or dust affecting the fixation effect; Finally, attention should be paid to any abnormalities during use, such as loose or deformed joints, and timely maintenance and replacement should be carried out. In short, ferrule PC connectors are a simple, convenient, and practical connection method that has wide application value in building shading, decoration, and industrial production.


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