All copper long head muffler pneumatic Brass Exhaust throttling, noise reduction and mute

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Material: Brass
Total sound attenuation: 30-42 decibels
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An all-copper muffler is a device used to reduce noise generated by air flow in pneumatic equipment or systems. Flat head and long head are two different design styles. Their characteristics are as follows:

Flat head muffler
Appearance characteristics: The end of a flat-head muffler is usually flat or nearly flat in design, which allows it to be better aligned or connected with other components when installed.
Application: This type of muffler is usually used where space is limited or a simple appearance is required.
Long head muffler
Appearance features: A long-head muffler has a longer main body than a flat-head muffler, and its end may be conical or other shaped to enhance its noise reduction effect.
Applications: Long-head mufflers are more suitable for applications requiring higher noise reduction performance because they usually have a larger internal volume to absorb more noise energy.
Both silencers are made of full copper, which means they have good corrosion resistance and durability, making them suitable for use on pneumatic equipment in a variety of industrial environments. Muffler selection depends on the specific application needs, including the level of noise reduction required, available space, and the specifications of other equipment with which it will be used.

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