Copper Nickel Plated Quick screw Male Elbow PL

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  • 4-M5
  • 4-M6
  • 4-01
  • 4-02
  • 6-M5
  • 6-M6
  • 6-01
  • 6-02
  • 6-03
  • 6-04
  • 8-01
  • 8-02
  • 8-03
  • 8-04
  • 10-01
  • 10-02
  • 10-03
  • 10-04
  • 12-01
  • 12-02
  • 12-03
  • 12-04

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Quick twist PL connector is a widely used connecting device in industries, petrochemicals, mines, and other fields. This product is made of high-strength materials and has good properties such as friction resistance and corrosion resistance. It also adopts a quick tightening design, making installation convenient and fast. Traditional joint installation requires specialized tools and time, while the special design of quick tightening PL joints makes the installation process simpler and faster. Simply rotate the joint slightly to achieve tight fixation. In addition, the quick tightening PL joint also has the following unique advantages: 1. High strength material: The product is made of high-strength and corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring the product’s service life and safety. 2. Fully enclosed design: The quick tightening PL joint adopts a fully enclosed structure design, ensuring the complete sealing of the product and protecting the inside of the joint from any external interference or damage. 3. Widely applicable: Quick tightening PL joints are widely used in fields such as high pressure, high temperature, high strength, heavy load, corrosive working conditions, and have been widely applied and recognized in different industries and fields. Overall, the quick twist PL connector is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant, and user-friendly connecting device widely used in industries, petrochemicals, mines, and other fields. By rotating, it can be fixed, saving time and effort, ensuring the maximum progress and quality of the project.


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